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COW GRASS:  We supply large quantity of 3-petalled cow grass to 
our customers in JOHOR ONLY.  Minimum order 4,000 sq ft.


Kindly note that our services only cover Johor areas.

We also supply and turf Philippines grass, Serangoon grassPearl grass  and Japanese grass (most beautiful and fine grasses, please call to ask for price**) and turf them in your garden (minimum order 500 sq ft). This article is useful for you before choosing the right grasses.

We use good fertilizers to grow our grasses and provide high quality plant/soil materials for our landscape works.  The grasses are turfed by our very highly trained workers, closely supervised by our supervisors to ensure good workmanship and healthy growth of grasses/plants in your new garden for a long term. 

We are not stingy to share our knowledge with our customers on how to maintain a beautiful and healthy garden with good ecosystem after we have delivered the garden to them so that they can save on the maintenance cost and most importantly the plants are given proper care and maintenance to ensure their healthy growth.

 **Prices for Philippines grass,  Serangoon grass,  Pearl grass and 
Japanese grass are subject to quantity ordered, locations and 
work load involved.  Minimum order of 500 Sq Ft is required.

Pearl Grass For Sale Johor Bahru


The great advantage of pearl grass lies in its extremely low maintenance.  Literally you do not have to trim it for a few years!  The leaves are in round shape.    Great for customer who would like to have grasses turfed in the garden but with a very low maintenance in mind.

Pearl grass looks like cow grass but they have shorter, rounder and thicker leaves. Instead of the grass blade that stands up, pearl grass grows sideways and lie flat against the ground.


Cow Grass For Sale Johor Bahru

Cow Grass  Three-Petalled (Axonopus Compressus)

Its leaves are short and wide, greenish & feeling soft.  Comparing to both the carpet grass and pearl grass, the strength of cos grass lies in its “robustness”.  It is a very hardy plant and can thrive much better under stringent conditions compared to both the carpet and pearl grass.  The disadvantage is not as “pretty” as the other types of grasses.  In addition, it requires very high maintenance of trimming it as it grows the fastest among the grasses mentioned in this article.

  • Three-petalled and in emerald green color. These are suitable for roadside/slope or very huge area.
  • We supply large quantity of 3-petalled cow grasses to our customers in Johor only (supply and/or turf).


carpet grass:  Japanese grass (zoysia japonica) Vs Serangoon Carpet Grass (Zoysia  serangoon)

The carpet grass leaves are more dense, much smaller and in emerald green color compared to both the pearl grass and cow grass.

The beauty of carpet grasses are for their fine and dense leaves which give you the sensual feeling of that cool, spongy feeling as if you are stepping on a very soft carpet.  However, compare to the pearl grass, the carpet grasses require higher maintenance with an interval for every 3 to 4 weeks for the aesthetic and health reason. The carpet grasses are ideal for clients who like to do maintenance themselves or have a budget to engage a gardener’s service to trim the grasses frequently.

Both the  Japanese carpet grass (Zoysia japonica) and Serangoon carpet grass (Zoysia  serangoon) look alike except for the Japanese carpet grass leaves are of lighter green, softer, more fine and dense.  Besides, the growth rate is not as fast as the Serangoon carpet grass but it still needs to be trimmed albeit not as frequent.  Due to its high aesthetics value and lower maintenance nature among the carpet grasses, the Japanese carpet grass is the most expensive among the other types of grasses being mentioned in this article.