Tropical Hibiscus Cutting For Sale

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Tropical Hibiscus Cutting For Sale

Hibiscus For Sale in Malaysia

Tropical Hibiscus Cuttings For Sale @ USD9 each EXCLUSIVE of postage/courier fee.

Advance order is required. Please email us for ordering of unrooted cuttings. Place of order does not guarantee the cuttings availability due to their limited supply.  Kindly let us know your address so that we will let you know the estimated delivery cost/time to your country.   We will confirm your order, their availability and method of payments the soonest possible via email.

Kindly find out from your local authority that import of hibiscus cuttings are permitted in your country.  We shall not be held responsible for any loss/confiscation or duty or taxes charged by your custom.  Thank you. 

Hibiscus – The Queen of the Tropics

We grow some of the hibiscus from seeds (success rate in getting a nice colour hibiscus among them are extremely low) and thus you won’t be able to find some of them in the world as they are unique unless we sell them the cuttings. Some of the blooms can reach more than 20 cm in diameter! Having grown from seeds do not guaranteed you a beautiful bloom as they will look very different to their parent plant. Furthermore, the hibiscus seeds are very fragile and the germination rate is low if you are not an experienced hibiscus grower.

The hibiscus seeds sold in ebay @ USD4 and above per seed and it will take 1 1/2 to 2 years to bloom. According to the statistics, only 5% of the hibiscus grown from seeds produce beautiful cross breed. Adversely, the advantages of growing from cuttings are that the blooms will look exactly as the parent plant and you will save lots of time if they are grown from cuttings. The cuttings we sold are harvested from those beautiful species of hibiscus that can surely thrive under our climate.

Hibiscus Cuttings For Sale